Arcaplanet Turns to Kleecks

Arcaplanet is one of the largest pet care companies in Europe with hundreds of shops on the street and an e-commerce as the main sales channels.

Arcaplanet turn to Kleecks for its e-commerce growth strategy. One year after, the results have been extremely positive for the company as Leonardo Pedani, Chief Digital Officer of Arcaplanet tells:

As Arcaplanet e-commerce manager, my requirement is to count on lean, fast and responsive processes to my needs, those of the market and of my customers. Conversion is not always so obvious. For me, the website is the central point where I can play the implementation of all my strategies, whether to reduce shopping cart abandonment, run cross-selling initiatives, develop promotions and manage the catalogue.
After researching suitable tools without success, I came across Kleecks as the only tool that could have helped me in these processes. Its adoption has allowed me to bring these aspects under my control and be independent, even where I had to rely on internal IT development processes which, by their nature, are longer and more expensive. By reacting quickly, thanks to Kleecks, my strategy continuously adapts to sales needs. I can change the layout of a page for a promotion, build a landing page on my own and I constantly monitor competitors boosting my organic strategy. My team uses Kleecks to write the texts and update the catalogue, following Kleecks’ suggestions and advices that are based on what it is happening on the market in real time.

Kleecks Arcaplanet

How has Kleecks helped Arcaplanet ?

Thanks to Kleecks, Arcaplanet e-commerce website has been technically fixed soon after activation and problems, that otherwise would have required further development in the core of Magento, have been solved immediately. SEO improvements have been immediate too. Having such a unique and powerful technological asset has simultaneously allowed the Magento staff to continue working and concentrate on the many activities that a high-traffic e-commerce like this requires every day, no longer worrying about the UX, UI and SEO.

The next step in the marketing strategy of Arcaplanet with Kleecks has been to work on the organic channel with important objectives such as the growth of the target sessions, the decrease in the shopping cart abandonment and the increase in the average value of the same, in addition to the objective of online sales grow.

Figures after the activation of Kleecks speak for themselves

Kleecks is a great ally in the management of our e-commerce and the results get speak for themselves. The average shopping cart value has grown and is still growning while the bounce rate and cart abandonment have decreased. We have easily restructured the product data sheets and created new ones and we are managing the contents thanks to Kleecks recommendations. We are working to develop more and more cross-selling initiatives that are driven by data and facts, thus adapting the user experience to the needs and requirements of those who are browsing our site to make purchases “.

Kleecks Arcaplanet

Our Partner Neen S.p.A.

The project team of the partner Neen S.p.A. has worked with Kleecks to review the website tree structure, rewrite the URLs, replace the native logics of Magento filters and trained the customer’s internal team on the use of Kleecks and content management. A team that has been able to appreciate the ease of use of the tool interface, the possibilities that, in a truly unique way, offers marketers to define their strategy, the numerous tips for optimising the text, the continuous comparison with their competitors and the automations that can be activated.

Neen Spa

What’s next ?

Arcaplanet is ready for a 2020 in search of the best cart experience for animal lovers who want to buy online. Thanks, for example, to the possibility of developing landing pages directly in Kleecks, working on the A / B test, evaluating the best configuration after careful analysis and also proceeding with customising the UX for each visitor, user profiles and research carried out online. This path will certainly allow Arcaplanet to be more responsive and readily exploit market opportunities.

Kleecks for Arcaplanet has been enabler for the agency’s strategy, an accelerator for website developments, and a technological means for quickly achieving customer objectives. Unique and disruptive compared to the traditional logics that both client and agency are used to in a digital marketing and SEO project.

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