Content Errors in SEO and Useful Tips

Content errors are, in most cases, the main culprits for an SEO strategy failure.

This type of errors is often underestimated but even small inattentions of this type can negatively affect the positioning of the website on search engines and make the SEO strategy ineffective.

Let’s see the most common content errors on a website:

1 Content errors in the snippet.
2 The most committed carelessness.
3 Content errors related to SEO strategy

Let’s explain what steps to take to solve them. If you have doubts about it, after creating a text, take this article and check that you have not committed even one of the errors, or carelessness, reported here. Start getting better results with your SEO strategy!

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Content errors in the snippet

The content errors that can be made in the creation of the elements that make up the snippet, mainly concern Title Tag and Meta Description.

Tag title not optimised

Content error not to be underestimated since it is one of the most important ranking factor for the these reasons:
• Allows the search engine to understand the topic of the article thanks to the correct insertion of keywords;
• Invites the user to click on the article.

->Useful tips: Write unique titles for each text and do not forget to enter the keyword in order to make the topic immediately evident. Stay approximately 60 – 70 characters in length so as not to risk being cut by the search engine.

Meta Description not optimised

Neglecting the Meta Description is another common mistake. Together with the title, it is responsible for the organic CTR. It must be persuasive and tempt the user to open the link.

-> How to improve: Summarise the characteristics of your article in three lines to allow the user to understand immediately if he will find the information he is looking for. In the past, it has happened that the search engines have reduced the maximum number of words for this text without warning, so many copy writers have seen their meta descriptions cut. It is therefore recommended to enter the main keyword first and all the really useful information within 130 characters and to add other less important references until about 160 characters are reached.

Content for Rich Snippets not optimised

Another mistake is this: not optimising meta descriptions for rich snippets.

-> What to do: Add all the information or useful data relating to your company or business, for example the number of reviews or the rating of your users.


Common oversights

These include all the mistakes made by SEO specialists or webmasters because of their “carelessness” when they create content.

Duplicate content

What does it mean to have duplicate content? It means having identical or very similar texts under the same domain. It is a mistake that is made when you have a multilingual site or an e-commerce with similar product listings.

-> How to fix them: If you notice the presence of duplicate texts you can do two things:
1. Redirect 301, that is defining which page is considered “original” for you and redirecting all the URLs only to this one;
2. Use Canonical specifying to the search engine which one to consider.

Old content not updated

Another trivial mistake that is often made is keeping the content of an article unchanged. In fact, modifying the text of a page in an SEO perspective means allowing the search engine to reposition it because thanks to updates it becomes current.

-> Useful tips:  Update on a regular basis your content based on people’s search intentions, considering the keywords they use to perform queries and do not forget to change the body of the article if news emerges in relation to the topic.

Not enough anchor text

As we know, the presence of links on pages is rewarded by search engines and anchor text plays a fundamental role in this operation. A common mistake is to use too few anchor texts.

-> What to do: Create a content map in order to have a clear understanding of the themes used and to create links between the articles. However, be careful not to force this mechanism so as not to risk inserting too many and being penalised.

Errors related to the SEO strategy

In this paragraph we deal with the errors that are caused by the SEO strategy in place.

Do not create valuable content

Huge errors in an SEO strategy concerns the creation of texts that do not bring any added value to the recipients of the article.

-> Helpful hints: Do not focus on the length of the text. Try to include personal opinions, internal and external links with other topics within your work that can allow the reader to find all the answers related to the topic.

Do not use long tail keywords

Often, keywords are used in your SEO strategy that correspond to the generic term of the topic. This custom is considered a mistake because it is difficult to obtain a good positioning as the competition is often high and does not lead to good results.

-> Tips: Identify long-tail keywords, that is, more specific keywords that allow users to find the text more specifically.

Do not create links to relevant links

You may think it is better to insert within the text links that refer to other pages of your website to get better visibility in the SERP. In fact, citing authoritative sources can allow us to improve the positioning of the site.

-> What to do: When you write, remember that it is important, in order to increase your reliability and authority online, to insert links to all documents, relevant insights for the topic.

Don’t expect reviews or comments

The last known SEO error of attention is related  to the inability of individuals to express an opinion on your work. Of course, this last point is not applicable to all content, we mainly refer to the pages of an e-commerce, those of social media and blogs.

-> Why foresee them: They increase brand reputation and offer the opportunity to improve relationships with users.

Why you should take care for the content of your website

As we have seen, the content errors that can be present within a website are numerous: errors in the snippet, the presence of duplicates, out of date or no added value content are all elements that are taken into consideration by search engines when deciding how to position a website. If you want to check wether your website is affected by these problems, you can use the various SEO tools available online.

But if you want to easily check and correct all the problems on your website, you can rely on Kleecks that not only notifies you of all errors related (in this case) to content, but thanks to its  algorithms it provides you with suggestions for better positioning and also allows you to correct them directly without making changes to your CMS.

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