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Customer Experience

Kleecks is a game changer for marketing. From A/B testing, to setting up landing pages, from backend data integration to personalising the user experience based on historical data, searches and behaviour, Kleecks helps the marketing dept achieve its goals, acting when and where necessary.

Improving UX

Work directly in Kleecks to modify and improve your site through the dashboard created specifically for you and your team. From the Kleecks menu, choose the type of pages to edit HTML, CSS, JS, … You have a building area where you can create your landing pages in all formats, customize your 4xx and 5xx pages, change the layout of a page and much more. All without touching anything on the underlying CMS or asking your web agency or IT department. Powerful.

Personalising UX

Kleecks provides an HTML editor directly accessed via the dashboard, to let you edit or build pages and make them immediately live. Maybe you need a temporary page, a landing page for a newsletter or a brand new page. Both for desktop and mobile UX. Whatever the need the solution is at hand. You do not need to be a coder.

Tech Audit
Tech Audit

Building My Structure

Access tools to adapt the layout of any page on your website to your precise marketing needs and react quickly to market changes. Move blocks of content within a page to deliver a new layout, run A/B tests, build landing pages swiftly for your marketing campaign. Integrate profiles and clusters from your CRM as well as search patterns from SERPs to deliver the best personalised experience possible to users visiting your website. No development activity is needed. All directly in Kleecks.

Measuring My Website

Keep track of your goals. Analyse the visits for each page, measure the time spent on each page, see how it has improved over time. No need to look any further.

Kleecks Measure

Case Studies & News

Tech Optimisation

Kleecks looks after all the technical aspects of your website 24×7. In real time. No need to change anything on the CMS side. No need for development. Once activated, it simply works

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SEO Strategy

Analyse the competition in real time, follow Kleecks’ suggestions, let the automations work for you and beat the competition. Your competitors are now an open book to you.

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