Masoko Becomes Kleecks Partner

Masoko Digital, part of Shibumi Group, is now a certified Kleecks partner.

Marketing technologies are successfully applied to many areas today in what is know now as “mar tech”. SEO seems instead to be still linked to a more traditional approach based mainly on consultancy (even a successful one, thanks to SEO professionals on the market) and the adoption of innovative technology is slower.

To reverse this trend, Masoko Digital has become a Certified Kleecks Partner, a platform that offers SEO experts, strategists and copy writers a full set of services that combine high-profile consultancy and innovative technology (CDN, AI, machine learning and propriatory algorithms). A two-way partnership that will strengthen over time, thanks to the common vision of the two founders, Marco Bezzi (Kleecks) and Marco Briotti (Masoko Digital). A partnership that is already creating successful cases.


This synergy between the two companies will soon guarantee the technical optimisations on any customer platform or CMS of the clients and for any search engine, achieving and maintaining over time a Page Speed ​​index greater than 90 (in most cases 100) for both mobile and desktop, carrying out UX and CRO interventions without touching the code below. And SEO consultants can finally focus on strategy, content and analysis.

Kleecks Certified Partner

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    Alex Giorgi
    CEO and Partner @Kleecks Ltd, I have been working in digital marketing for the last ten years exploring and understanding the dynamics, the opportunities and the needs of marketing managers across companies worldwide. As a consultant for big international media agencies, I developed end-to-end online communication strategies along the customer journey for companies across different market sectors. Based in London, I joined Kleecks seeing the great innovation it brings in how the website can be successfully used for communication, solving the pains and needs any marketing manager has faced until today.