AI powered CRO improvements

AI powered CRO improvements

Improve and speed up your CRO strategy

Thanks to the front-end layer Kleecks is able to speed up activities anticipated by CRO strategies


Kleecks allows personalisation of content and user experience based on varying data sources that are linked to the Artificial Intelligence engine.

From different available sources (organic searches, referrals, adv campaign tracking, etc.) it is possible to create different types of behaviour for customised content, UX&UI.


UX Writing

Access the Inline Editor and test UX writing activities in real-time to maximise conversion rate and A/B Testing.


Content Check

Benchmark content against the competition and implement suggestions generated by Kleecks.

Layout builder

Kleecks has an integrated layout generation engine for new site pages, landing page creation and A/B testing activities.

automated Tech Fixing

Find out how Kleecks can act on your site’s technical issues

Digital strategy

Find out how Kleecks can improve your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts.

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