How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Hi! We are here to help, if you have any questions about Kleecks you can take a look to the most frequently questions below. If you don’t find what are you looking for do not hesitate to contact us!


Activation is fast and easy. Initial set-up can be completed in days or simply a few weeks depending on your individual needs. 

No. Kleecks is easy to activate and does not require access to your CMS. It is purely SaaS

All we need is your initial configuration and set-up requirements such as URLs to be excluded, initial set of competitors and common keywords.  We’ve worked to make  it simple so that input required from you is minimal.

How it works

Kleecks supports 370+ global and local search engines.

No. In fact we exist to make the website faster and more responsive due to our continuous tech fixes.

Yes. Search engines and users both see the same website.

As Kleecks is based on Artificial Intelligence it can optimise websites created in any language as well as being applied to specific countries and language destinations.


  • Portuguese -> site located in Portugal
  • Portuguese -> localised site in Brazil
  • The backend is available in English.

Kleecks tracks keyword ranking for the first 3 search engine pages of these content types:

  • Url                     
  • Ads
  • Videos
  • Images
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Places

No but thanks to our ability to improve organic traffic many of our clients decide to review their SEO/SEM balance of investments.  

If Google,  or any other search engine, changes or updates its rules and requirements, Kleecks automatically mirrors the changes and upgrades the service to provide ongoing efficiency and results.

We hope that it won’t happen but if it does your developers can transfer all SEO learnings from Kleecks to your existing CMS.

Yes. If your website uses Javascript frames (Angular, VueJS, React, …) you can still benefit from Kleecks. Kleecks has pre-render and optimisation mechanisms for any redirected page.

No worries. You can take your Kleecks licence with you and continue to benefit from it with your new agency.

Data and GDPR

No. Kleecks operates only with public website data. No personal information is sourced or stored. Calls to backend systems, such as payment, are automatically rerouted to the CMS.

Kleecks is fully GDPR compliant.

    Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
    Be up and running in just a few weeks.