User Experience with Kleecks

Would you enter and buy in a shop that does not attract you or where you already have had a bad shopping experience? Probably not.

Users today have multiple choices to buy online and attracting them is a matter of adopting all the right marketing tactics along the customer journey. The experience they are looking for online, as offline, must be a pleasant, rewarding, possibly personalised and convincing one in each step up to the purchase. User Experience is all about providing the right experience to potential clients, no matter the device they use to access our website, and keep every step optimised in the best way possible.

Besides that, a website that provides a good experience is a website where users will return, share and bookmark, easing in-bound linking and thus increasing the visibility of it, contributing to its overall organic reach.

User Experience

Conversion is also affected by UX. Data available shows that the cart abandonment rate varies between different market sectors with an average rate of 84% (source: SaleCycle). While this may be due to multiple reasons, such as users not ready to buy or in an early stage of discovery along the customer journey, user experience of the website plays a significant role.

Cart Abandonment

Providing the right user experience is not just a matter of good design when the website is built. It is also a matter of adapting it to the changing needs of the market and the users. Ultimately, providing a personalised experience to each user based on behavioural data, contributing to the best experience possible.

The traditional approach to UX is made of analysis, design and development, which requires time and resources as well as compromises on what can and cannot be achieved.  While this approach is the right one when building a website, it can then be a bottle neck for the marketing strategy, slowing it down preventing quick actions.

The approach with Kleecks is different, in line with the strategic marketing needs and the speed they require. Relying on the underlying Kleecks core, UX with Kleecks becomes an ally for delivering tactical and strategic actions on the website.

UX with Kleecks

The creation of a page in Kleecks is done using an interface that provides drag & drop functionalities. Graphic blocks can be modified, dragged, deleted and saved for future use. The pages created, unlike for example other A/B test tools, are pages that can be positioned in the search engine and automatically inserted in sitemap.

If you want to change the layout of a page or multiple pages, Kleecks has an action-based tool which does not require programming skills, but only a basic knowledge of HTML. You can create temporary rules, group rules, apply actions to a single page/page groups/ page types. You can edit HTML blocks on the page and create new ones and also feed them from external APIs.

Kleecks Analytical Data

Kleecks stores analytical data that measure and track users behaviour. These data can be logical parts to modify the UX based on users behaviour, navigation preferences, search keywords, exit pages or pages of greatest interest. You can customise the UX both for profiled as well as guest users, optimise the UX for mobile browsing by introducing AMP, create of A / B tests, but checking not only the users behaviour, but also the receptivity of the search engines, change the UX in the page source and not the DOM for some specific/seasonal events throughout the year and take advantage of it for the search engine.

Learn more about User Experience with Kleecks and get in touch with us for a demo.

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