What’s Behind Kleecks and how it is Helping Brands ?

Three years after its birth, Kleecks Ltd talks to the market by leaving its lab, already strong with 100+ customers worldwide and with important international partnerships. The experience gained and the case histories generated  makes Kleecks an innovati but already well-established reality.

The experience and know-how of the five founding partners contributed to and support the project: Alex Giorgi (CEO), Marco Bezzi (CTO), Marco Baricevic (Product Manager), Alex Fattorini (CFO) and Alberto Zummo (Business developer). A success that is already international. A project that, from the London headquarter, is becoming an essential marketing tool.

Kleecks Tech Audit

Why Kleecks?

Kleecks is a technology that allows marketers to accelerate the company’s strategy applied to the website. It is a pure SaaS (Software As A Service) and as such does not require any customer-side installation, be it software or hardware, and does not change anything on the CMS side of the website. It is a solution to the obstacles that companies as well as agencies may encounter in operational execution, that simplifies processes and establishes a common goal. The structural, budget and technical limits, thanks to Kleecks, are overcome without ever forgetting to keep an eye on competitors.

How brands obtain results thanks to Kleecks ?

Any brand operates in a competitive context. Today, the Marketing Strategy through the website cannot fail to consider three fundamental aspects: technical optimisation, content quality and user experience.

Where is the uniqueness with which Kleecks exploits these levers to allow companies to obtain a competitive advantage?

The technical optimisation includes an incremental technical audit and the correction of warnings and technical issues that emerge, such as CMS application logics, URL rewrites, pagespeed performance, 4xx and 5xx errors resolution and advanced cache enabling, just to name a few.
Speaking of content, Kleecks provides an in-line editing of the pages (title, text, URL, heading tag …), measurement of the contents with respect to the competitors’ performances, management of the delivery process and verification of the same in multiple languages.

Finally, from the point of view of the User Experience as a strategic asset in improving the funnel, Kleecks helps marketing in many ways: customisation of existing layouts, also based on user searches, introduction of new pages (also landing pages for the paid media), customisation of pages with respect to clusters and profiles deriving from the CRM, helps conducting A/B tests, optimisation of the website for different devices and adjustment based on current accessibility regulations.

Everything is managed in real time, reacting to the needs of marketing and bringing strategy back into its hands, without technology still being a brake. We like to say that where others are very good at providing a report, we alongside put a button for immediate action.

Kleecks Audit Tool

Who is this technology aimed at?

Kleecks is an enterprise platform, a unique tool for companies in every sector, from medium to large size, as well as in every country and language. It is mainly aimed to Marketing.  In this, it is a real “game changer” that radically changes the way we manage marketing processes. The limits that marketing must face are recurring ones, especially because the processes are long and difficult. Complexity and budget often cause executive compromises to be accepted. Being dependent on third parties in the crucial steps of developing your strategy is also a very real limit. Kleecks’ goal is to overcome these limits and the companies that benefit from it prove this. Kleecks is expanding its  network of partners at an international level and has recently established the “Kleecks Partner” certification within our Partner Program. Our partners are totally independent in getting the most out of their customers.

What is the scenario in which Kleecks operates?

The range of services and marketing tools is wide, however up to now most of them have dealt with individual and specific needs or provide reporting tools, even very advanced, but without giving an immediate opportunity to act. Kleecks is unique in this sense, in that in the panorama of current technologies no other tool is able to comprehend in a single service such a large number of strategic functions for marketing. In the near future, we already have many other features and integrations in the pipeline that will consolidate and increase Kleecks’ capabilities. Among these, there are video automation features and an integration with big data to strengthen the brand strategy through a more personalised and dynamic browsing experience. We are working in this direction with important companies in the United Kingdom and Italy.

What’s next?

In 2019 we have opened our London headquarter, a fundamental step to reach international markets. In the United Kingdom we work with professionals in the sector, communication agencies and companies. The interest in our unique and innovative solution has been beyond expectations. In the next few months we will begin large-scale communication using each channel.
The vision of the market for the future starts from the observation that the number of agencies has increased and therefore the competition between them, therefore they must renew their offer and be more effective. The market requires speed, performance and new tools. Compared to the needs of customers, those actors who will truly be able to make a difference will be those who will have the greatest efficiency in achieving KPIs and maintaining high performance, offering clear and immediate benefits to the customer. The strategic and operational approach will therefore be successful compared to the purely consultative one.

Kleecks Ltd is part of this context and is open to widening collaborations with those partners who want to present themselves on the market with a deeper operating model, oriented towards immediate and concrete results.
The uniqueness that characterizes us gives a competitive advantage to those who use Kleecks and for this reason we are sure that you will hear more and more about us!

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