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More independence from IT development

Marketing strategy relies on IT development, but there is an increasing need for a faster, cheaper and more responsive process and with less reliance on human intervention. Thanks to Kleecks, no need to install anything, no need to go through a development project on your CMS. Kleecks works for any CMS and any language and is a pure service, not a software or plug-in to be installed.

One place, your strategy. 24×7

Competitors analysis and discovery, keywords management, website audit, backlinks tracking, tech fixing and SEO optimisation, content edit, A/B testing, UX personalisation: all in one place through a single platform and 24×7. While Kleecks is working for you in the background analysing your competition, keeping the website optimised, access all the information you need to deliver your strategy and beat competition. And ask Kleecks to take action immediately.

More clicks, no geeks. Kleecks.

Kleecks solves clients’ increasing strategy requirements.  As a pure SaaS solution, Kleecks delivers an effective organic strategy for attracting users, providing tech fixing and updates without the usual CMS limitations, delivering real time results as well as suggestions for improvements. Thanks to AI, Kleecks accelerates the delivery of your strategy and reach first results quicker keeping them overtime.


Kleecks is a game changer among Enterprise Platforms

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Cuts the time needed to deliver initial SEO results


Reduces costs versus traditional SEO approach


Reaches total website optimisation

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Put Kleecks to work for your marketing strategy. Discover how AI and machine learning can work for you. See how Kleecks is changing the game. Kleecks has been created with the growing needs of marketing managers in mind. Any size company can benefit.

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Kleecks is the only tool I have found after extensive research that helps me througout the marketing processes. I can now bring all aspects of my strategy under my own control and be independent from the timetables of IT dev. Throughout the SEO process, my strategy continuously adapts to sales needs thanks to Kleecks

Leonardo Pedani - Chief Digital Officer, Arcaplanet
T2O Media

Using Kleecks technology, our clients save time and money throughout the SEO process. Google sees improvements within the first week and Stakeholders save a lot of time and effort throughout the SEO process

Javier Garcia Escudero - SEO Manager, T2O Media
Yeppon e Kleecks

The evolution of the e-commerce shows that it is not enough to rely only on SEO projects. Kleecks’ contribution proved fundamental for our project, now we want to continue on this path and achieve even more ambitious goals together

Danilo Longo - Founding Partner & E-commerce Manager, Yeppon

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