Next-generation Enterprise Optimisation Platform

Kleecks is an innovative SaaS platform that optimises performance marketing activities, improves website health and speed in real-time, and has a significant impact on businesses by increasing revenues, lowering costs, and accelerating time-to-market
Origin CMS & Website
  • Seo Issues
  • Broken links
  • Malformed Urls
  • Poor Page Speed Score
  • Limited UX Improvements
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Slow time to market
Artificial Intelligence
Boosted Website with Kleecks
  • Seo Compliant 99.9%
  • 100% Optimised pages
  • 100% Mobile Readiness
  • 80+ Speed Score
  • Improved UX performance
  • Increase performance
  • Fast time to market

What is Kleecks

Kleecks is an innovative SaaS that optimises performance marketing activities in real-time, enhancing site health and speed, and generating a substantial impact on business by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and speeding up time-to-market.

Proudly optimising

What is the business impact

Kleecks is more than just a SaaS

It enables a paradigm shift in the way that sites are maintained and evolved through continuous improvements.


Kleecks facilitates the automation of time-consuming activities in terms of man-hours, reduces the effort required for reporting and UAT activities, and ensures continuous monitoring of implemented actions, thus reducing costs and supporting the business strategy.

What Kleecks can optimise

Intelligent performance e-commerce optimisation

Kleecks can optimise various aspects of the digital marketing value chain, from SEO to conversion rate optimisation, and from paid optimisation to SEO & SEM cannibalisation.