A disruptive Enterprise Optimisation Platform

Kleecks is a next-generation software-as-a-service based on the reverse proxy concept.

In a nutshell

Kleecks is a next-generation software-as-a-service based on the reverse proxy concept. Kleecks combines reverse proxy mechanisms with machine learning engines and automation processes to accelerate the implementation and maintenance of eCommerce sites.

How it works

Kleecks' unique concept is an intelligent layer that sits between an existing website and the internet.

Origin CMS & Website
  • Seo Issues
  • Broken links
  • Malformed Urls
  • Poor Page Speed Score
  • Limited UX Improvements
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Slow time to market
Artificial Intelligence
Boosted Website with Kleecks
  • Seo Compliant 99.9%
  • 100% Optimised pages
  • 100% Mobile Readiness
  • 80+ Speed Score
  • Improved UX performance
  • Increase performance
  • Fast time to market

The unique concept behind Kleecks is an intelligent layer that sits between an existing website and the internet, including users and search engines.

A dedicated artificial intelligence engine ensures constant optimisation of the website, regardless of the CMS technology behind it, the language used, or its geographical location.

No installation is required: Kleecks is configured and activated as a service.

Impact on business

Thanks to its speed of activation, configuration and breadth of functionalities, Kleecks enables automation and cost reduction in implementing digital strategies on each site.

This generates an impact in increased online revenue, a significant reduction in technical implementation costs, and a considerable reduction in time to market and continuous improvement activities.

An innovative edge solution

Kleecks is revolutionising the paradigms of digital marketing and e-commerce optimisation projects through an innovative approach.

The power of artificial intelligence is put to the service of marketers, providing valuable deep-dive insights, aiding in content creation and technical fixes, and enabling marketers to focus on vision and strategy.

What can Kleecks do?

Kleecks comprises specific modules for leading digital strategy activities.

icon cro ab testing

A/B Testing & CRO Implementation

icon cro edit 1

Content Personalisation

icon cro performance

Website Performance

icon cro gear

Replatforming & Site Migration

icon cro trophy

Marketing Automation & Landing Pages

icon seo


icon accessibility


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Mobile User Experience

The suite's set of modules allows for one-click management and implementation of all activities related to SEO strategy, conversion rate optimisation strategy (e.g. A/B testing, content customisation, landing page creation, etc.), site speed and Core Web Vitals issues resolution, machine learning-accelerated content creation, and many other use cases.


Kleecks was designed and built to comply with the main regulations in the SaaS market as applied to the internet world.

Kleecks is GDPR-compliant in that it neither stores nor processes end-user data.

Kleecks is hosted on enterprise infrastructures such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other vendors, and applies proprietary SLAs enhanced by automatic failover mechanisms in addition to the vendors' SLAs.

Kleecks is ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified.

Kleecks is currently undergoing SOC2 certification.

Kleecks is involved in multiple non-profit projects.