Use Cases

Kleecks is an innovative SaaS platform that optimises performance marketing activities, improves website health and speed in real-time, and has a significant impact on businesses by increasing revenues, lowering costs, and accelerating time-to-market

A range of various crucial use cases


Pagespeed and core web vitals

Considerably enhance PageSpeed

Improve website health

Effortless, one-click technical fixes with immediate impact

Indexability and crawlability

Automatically fix indexability and crawlability issues.

Javascript-related issues

Dynamic pre-rendering to facilitate bot navigation and analysis


Source code execution of accessibility activities


Content creation

Precise and swift multilingual content creation

Landing Page creation

Creation of landing pages centred on evolving business objectives

Capsule collections & Special projects

Carry out short-term marketing activities (capsules, promotions) more swiftly & at a lower cost

Website localisation

Adapt websites to local cultures & language with flexibility and speed


Main page personalisation

Personalise the main page (Home Page, LDL, and PLD) without the need for IT development

A/B testing

Rapidly test alternatives at a reduced cost

Real time competitive tracking

Continuously learn from competitors around the clock and implement successful strategies

Migration and replatforming

Replatform or migrate without the risk of traffic loss

Paid media optimisation

Lower CPC costs by optimising the quality score of landing pages


Merge of domains and CMS

Unite the front-end of multiple domains and CMS systems

System interoperability

Streamline and facilitate the integration of front-end systems within the digital ecosystem

Back-end effort reduction

Conduct testing and introduce front-end logic to minimize back-end development effort for special projects

Analytics tracking

Efficiently manage analytics tracking across specific markets and countries

Merge Domains & CMS

For a renowned automotive brand, Kleecks was employed to standardize the second-level domains utilized for reserving brand experiences, such as driving expeditions to Patagonia, secure driving lessons, and exclusive events for top clientele.

Kleecks made it feasible to harmonize the brand experience, lowering UX/UI implementation expenses on the third-party systems that handle the diverse booking platforms.

System Interoperability

For numerous luxury brands, Kleecks facilitates the interoperability of systems between the PIM (responsible for product data and image management) and the WAF (responsible for caching systems of all product images).

Thanks to its central position in the client's digital architecture, Kleecks is capable of "translating" information exchange between the two main systems, thereby improving efficiency for cache updates on individual images instead of flushing the entire cache.

Kleecks can address the significant issue of utilising JS Frameworks in relation to SEO activities.

Kleecks boasts a dynamic prerender feature that facilitates the proper pre-rendering of pages, producing legible content for each search engine, from Google to Bing, Naver and all the main market players.

Content Creation

Kleecks facilitates the creation of various types of content for your website.

With Kleecks, you can produce textual content for your pages, SEO attributes and meta, and to enhance the quality of your paid campaigns.

But it's not just about text, you can also generate graphic and user interface content to enhance existing pages, or even construct entirely new pages or sections from the ground up.

Website Localisation

Natuzzi developed its new site using the popular Javascript framework Angular.

Thanks to the activation of Kleecks and its dynamic pre-render module, it was possible to improve the crawlability of the site's content on all search engines in addition to Google. The optimisation impacted all the main search engines used in the global market where the brand is present.

Capsule Collections

With Kleecks, you can craft and integrate special projects such as Capsule collections into your website, whilst preserving the site's navigation structure and design system guidelines.

If Kleecks is activated across several domains, it can also fetch and utilise existing content between these domains.

For example, recommended products from domain A could be used in domain B, thus reducing the time needed for implementation on eCommerce platforms.

Migration and Replatforming

As Kleecks manages all the navigation rules and dynamics of a website, it can also be utilised to oversee the primary activities associated with a migration or a replatforming.

All the redirects will be handled by Kleecks, cross-checking the match between new URLs and their old counterparts, finding the optimal alignment between URLs and content within the pages.

These automated procedures will save a considerable amount of time during the migration and will minimise human errors and search engine penalties.

SEO Tech Issues

Kleecks' SEO fixing modules facilitate the swift resolution of all the technical SEO errors on a website.

It can tackle 250+ technical issues, from structured data to hreflang errors, and from redirect and 404 issues to canonical problems.

Shortly after setting up the configuration, you'll begin to notice a significant shift in your Google Search Console dashboard.

Page and Content Personalisation

In Kleecks, you can configure various metrics to alter and visualise different content (e.g. text, images, multimedia, pages etc) for the end users.

These metrics are typically provided by Kleecks (e.g. geo-info, session behaviours, time and timezone, etc.) or by external customer data platforms (e.g. segmentation, user ID, etc.).

Utilising Kleecks to rectify the quality score of your landing pages, you'll be able to optimise your paid media investments by influencing the CPC cost.

The primary optimisations pertain to content matching, keyword alignment, and enhancements to core web vitals.

PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals

Kleecks can aid in boosting the CWV (Core Web Vitals) of each page, thereby improving the PageSpeed rating as well as contributing to the page's online positioning and score.

SEO automation and fixing

Thanks to Kleecks' SEO automation and fixing module, all automation and fixing of SEO problems on the site can be configured within the interface.

The list of automations and fixings is extensive and covers all the main SEO ranking factors that can improve the performance of sites on search engines today, such as URL rewriting, 4xx errors, canonicals management, backlink management, meta generation, duplicate page management, heading structure, and more.

Kleecks provides the flexibility to configure these activities in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual mode, which reduces analysis and implementation times while ensuring continuous monitoring of the site's health.