Improve your Digital Strategy with AI suggestions

Improve your Digital Strategy with AI suggestions

In one single package

Kleecks delivers powerful and innovative tools to help a company to monitor and react to ever-changing marketing needs.

Monitoring, following and beating the competition has never been so immediate and effective.

Comprehensive dashboards with updated access to all the data required for managing winning online strategies.

No installation and no changes to the existing CMS.

Analysing My Competition

React and adapt digital strategy to keep one step ahead of the rest.

  • Internal crawling results
  • Competitor ranking desktop
  • Competitor gap analysis
  • Competitor keyword analysis

Winning digital strategies

Implement and take immediate action without the need for developers or access to CMS.

Based on real-time Kleecks suggestions modify H1, meta descriptions, titles or even the page content without ever leaving the platform. The changes are live and in real time.

SEO writing

The Kleecks inline editor gives you the power to change and adapt the content of your pages (listing, product, news, …) to meet your marketing and communication needs.

Follow Kleecks suggestions or let Kleecks take action for you. Whatever the need, it is at hand.


Automated Tech Fixing

Find out how Kleecks can improve website technical issues.

CRO improvements

Find out how Kleecks can improve your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts.

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
Be up and running in just a few weeks.