Automated tech fixes and improvements

Automated tech fixes and improvements

From technical audit to fix

A comprehensive suite of tools from SEO and tech audits to tech fixes.

  • Internal Seo Audit Tool
  • Tech Issues Reporting
  • Tech Fix Dashboard
  • Core WebVitals Fixing.

Tech Audit

A complete technical audit of the website, highlighting errors, warnings or notices that require fixing.

Kleecks does not simply report them, but also fixes them.

See issues by type, page breakdown, URL depth, status codes and more ( Note:  can we add to the list instead of saying ‘and more’.?)

Perform audits on your competitors’ websites and make strategic and tactical choices based on comparative data.

Export data for further analysis or for presentations.

Fix technical errors

Choose how technical audits, errors and fixes are reported and processed:  automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Assess website health and remove errors and obstacles in real-time to winning performance.

Audit and reporting dashboards

Audit and reporting dashboards are immediate and easy to read. At any time evaluate what maintenance and repair activities need to be implemented, URL by URL.

Kleecks is a predictive tool from the moment it is activated. It provides continuous, precise and comprehensive information helping continuous improvement an immediate preventive actions.

Fixing my website

From path management and dynamic filters generation,  redirects and backlinks, AMP to malformed URLs and many more, Kleecks is able to solve any tech difficulty whether it is a commercial or custom built CMS.

Digital strategy

Learn how Kleecks’ artificial intelligence can improve your digital strategy

CRO improvements

Find out how Kleecks can improve your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts.

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
Be up and running in just a few weeks.