Kleecks is a smart layer that lies between an existing website and the internet

Kleecks is a smart layer that lies between an existing website and the internet

Kleecks AI powered smart layer

Kleecks is a smart layer that lies between an existing website and the internet (both users and search engines).

Through a dedicated Artificial Intelligence engine  the website is kept constantly optimised, no matter the technology of the CMS behind the site, the language or the geographical location.

Nothing needs to be installed: as a service, Kleecks is configured, activated and not installed.

From activation, Kleecks starts working to optimise the website, addressing tech and SEO issues, fixing them automatically and providing suggestions for a performing digital strategy.

Through the Kleecks’ layer any UX and layout needs can be easily addressed in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Through intelligent machine learning Kleecks is able to replicate existing templates right down to the smallest detail, creating new pages in a matter of minutes, instead of days, weeks and sometimes months. UX pattern such as breadcrumbs, filters, CTA are all automatically reenginered in the new pages generated.

Kleecks’s AI engine work on 2 main areas
  1. Continuous support of the digital strategy, from SEO strategy to content marketing strategy.
  2. Real time implementationof suggestions and directions defined through the agreed digital strategy, including:
    • design activities (UX/UI)
    • content editing and creation activities (UX writing, SEO writing, …)
    • technical implementations (creation of landing pages, changes to page layouts, bug fixing, errors, etc.).

AI to support your digital strategy

Analysing the context ( owner’s digital ecosystem, competitors’ ecosystem, the target user behaviour) is one of the first fundamental activities required for creating strategic guidelines for any online business. It can often be very time-consuming.

Kleecks’ approach takes advantage of artificial intelligence to collect and process the enormous amount of information needed to define a strategy and suggests the best actions to be taken in the short and long term.

These suggestions are provided 24/7 for all languagesmarketspages, and user searches.


How Kleecks’s can improve Design, Content and Technical software implementation

Kleecks’ AI is not just limited to processing data and presenting insights to support the digital strategy process.

The AI engine developed internally also permits improvement of the site’s user experience (pages, forms, interface, flows, etc.), on the textual and visual content, and ultimately on the code of all the pages.

The whole modification process can be done in a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual mode according to the context and the needs of the company’s digital team.

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
Be up and running in just a few weeks.