Kleecks: a game changer for your online business.

A software as a service based on Artificial Intelligence and nocode approach

Kleecks: a game changer for your online business.

A software as a service based on Artificial Intelligence and nocode approach

A disruptive solution

Kleecks is changing digital marketing dynamics beyond recognition with unparalleled technology. The unique AI approach supported by the insights of a knowledgeable strategic team boosts overall performance to provide tangible, measurable results.

Your Business Accelerator Partner

A constantly optimised website, a robust competitive strategy and a UX layout that satisfy communication needs are all key factors to promote qualified organic visits, better SERP positioning and improved brand experience.

Kleecks is changing digital and SEO paradigms through increasing website performance whilst decreasing the time constraints common to a traditional approach.

An optimised website is at the heart of any digital strategy. Qualified organic growth generating higher conversion rates are all on a marketer’s wish list.  With Kleecks this becomes a reality in timescales that defy traditional approaches and provide significant cost savings.

Artificial Intelligence Logics

Kleecks changes the rules of the game by providing a service (SaaS) based on AI that 24/7 provides both technical and SEO optimisation of the website as well as competitors’ strategy suggestions helping the conversion strategy. The result is an immediate acceleration in the number of organic visits, an improvement in the user experience, and an increase in revenues generated online.

Empower your
Enterprise Digital Strategy

Kleecks is the only SaaS platform that puts the control of the digital strategy and the power of reactive and personalised marketing back in the hands of marketers.

Enable marketing
process automation

A faster, cheaper and more responsive process based on a nocode approach with limited human intervention.

Reduction of ecommerce
value chain complexity

Less complexity and quicker tech reactivity leaves the marketer to concentrate on business strategy.

What Kleecks brings to your strategy

An ever more reactive strategy in an increasingly fast context is an imperative in current market dynamics. IT processes are not always able to match the rapidity of change. Lost time can mean lost opportunities.

More Visits: qualified organic growth through website optimisation

More Revenues: greater conversions from organic visits generate more revenues.

Cost reduction: 45% average cost savings:  a result of less human resource and hours added to decreased advertising spend through beneficial SEO-SEM balance.

Results 24/7:  optimisation is guaranteed right from activation.

Search Engines: compliant for Google and for all existing search engines.

Multi – lingual: applicable for all geographic markets, relative languages and their variants

Competitors’ Strategy: real time insights of competitor activity through AI allow for solid counter strategies which bring results.

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
Be up and running in just a few weeks.