Kleecks simplifies your day to day

Kleecks simplifies your day to day

Companies all over the world know that today reactivity and flexibility are key factors in addressing changing market needs and dynamics.

Kleecks allows companies and digital marketeers to spend less time on pure execution and more on strategic thinking.

  • 1. Technical issues automated fix
  • 2. Inline editor to improve UX writing and CRO
  • 3. A/B Testing
  • 4. Speed and mobile performance
  • 5. Security
  • 6. Development time to market


Medium/large ebusinesses usually have several players at the table (UX/UI design studio, digital marketing agency, system integrator, sys admin, data & analytics). Managing multiple stakeholders can complicate project management and slow down progress to market.

Kleecks is an innovative solution that impacts all areas of a web project value chain and promotes simplification.



Increase online revenues and reduce cost on the digital ecosystem

Kleecks provides several benefit for the enterprise online business strategy, using Kleecks your company will be able to:

  • Increase the online conversion rates increasing organic traffic and user experience
  • Reduce IT cost of the digital ecosystem, decreasing complexity and governance
  • Be able to execute (fast) the digital strategy investments and accelerate the return of investments


Ecommerce Manager

Increase revenue and performance with a unique solution

  • Increase the online conversion rates increasing organic traffic and user experience
  • Increase speed performance > 85
  • Create optimised pages for the entire ecommerce ecosystem
  • Increase paid campaign ROI
  • Test and run the best customer experience in less time with nocode approach

SEO Specialist

Increase the value of your SEO strategy

  • More time to focus on strategic thinking
  • Reduce time and effort on analysis and research
  • Improve your strategy with 24/7 real time suggestions cross markets
  • Enable the SEO Tech strategy in short time


3 months from activation!






Average position in SERP (was 30)

"The evolution of the e-commerce market shows that it is no longer enough to rely only on SEO projects and we were looking for a partner who would help us to better express the potential of the site, with a view to optimising visibility and increasing the conversion rate. Kleecks' contribution proved fundamental."

Danilo Longo Founding partner and E-commerce Manager, Yeppon
A real Ecommerce booster!


Organic Growth


Revenues from Organic


Website Speed

"Kleecks is a great ally in the management of our e-commerce. The average shopping cart value has grown and is still growing while the bounce rate and cart abandonment have decreased."

Leonardo Pedani Chief Digital Officer, Arcaplanet
Immediately upon activation!


Indexing from 6 to


WPO from 10 to


Semantics from 10 to

"Using Kleecks, our clients save time and money throughout the SEO process. Google sees improvements within the first week and stakeholders save a lot of time and effort throughout the SEO process"

Javier García Escudero SEO, T20 Media

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
Be up and running in just a few weeks.