A single solution that solves multiple problems in web project's value chain.

A single solution that solves multiple problems in web project's value chain.

A unique tool to solve multiple probles

Managing an online business requires multiple critical activities during the lifecycle of an online application, whether it’s routine maintenance, evolutionary maintenance, or re-platforming of the entire solution.

These activities are often delicate and time-consuming, involving multidisciplinaries team as designers, development teams, project management, etc.

Kleecks’ unique way of activating and working allows acting on all the design and development activities of a web project reducing time and people effort.


Main use cases

Check out some of the use cases where Kleecks can automatically solve many problems and reduce resolution time.

SEO Strategy

Access competitor analysis to understand how they perform for each keyword, each language of the website and each search engine.

Follow Kleecks’ suggestions for changing page titles, H1 or page content using the Kleecks Assistant Tool.

You can even trace back page changes made by competitors chronologically to understand how  they reached their current position and then create your own stronger, winning solution. 

SEO Writing & UX writing

The Kleecks Inline Editor Tool gives you the power and the flexibility to change and adapt the content of your pages (listing, product, news, …) in real time satisfying  all of your ongoing marketing and communication needs. Review and choose from Kleecks’ suggestions or simply let Kleecks take action for you. 

Compare copy alternatives in multiple languages and measure their performances analysing scores for each component of a single page. Adopt a standard quality protocol for page content evaluation.  

SEO Tech Audit & Fix

Kleecks provides a complete technical audit of the website, highlighting errors, warnings or notices that need to be fixed. But the audit does not stop there.

Kleecks not only reports the errors, it can fix them too. See issues by type, page breakdown, URL depth, status codes .

You can also request similar audits of your competitors’ websites and compare your data with theirs. 


Merging & Migrating a Website

Kleecks helps define the correct tree structure of the merged/migrated website unifying and standardising them into one single UX, both for desktop and mobile, leaving untouched and active the underlying CMS.

Kleecks helps you through normally complex processes, taking care of redirects, internal and external links, URLs and more.

Going International

Kleecks works for any language, any search engine and is geographically localised.

Even if your website is not structured the same way for different languages, Kleecks can generate a unique and consistent URL structure to improve user experience and positioning.

Monitoring KPIs

Audit and reporting dashboards are immediate, easy to read and in real time. Comprehensive, continuous and  detailed data is available in a predictive tool that allows for preventive action for better digital performance. As well as following key performance metrics at any time, you can evaluate maintenance and repair activity needs to be implemented, URL by URL.

Improving UX

Work directly with Kleecks to modify and improve your site through the dashboard created specifically for you and your team. From the Kleecks menu, choose the type of pages to edit HTML, CSS, JS, …

You have a building area where you can create your landing pages in all formats, customise your 4xx and 5xx pages, change the layout of a page and much more.

All without touching anything on the underlying CMS or without asking your web agency or IT department. 


A/B Testing

Access tools to adapt the layout of any page on your website to your precise marketing needs and react quickly to market changes.

Move blocks of content within a page to deliver a new layout, run A/B tests, build landing pages swiftly for your marketing campaign.

Integrate profiles and clusters from your CRM as well as search patterns from SERPs to deliver the best personalised experience possible to users visiting your website. No development activity is needed. All powered by Kleecks.

Getting started is easy with Kleecks.
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